Oddball model without a knife blade. Has a cuticle pusher and a removable ink pen. The Manicure is a fairly uncommon 58mm Victorinox knife. The Manicure is different from most other Swiss Army Knives because it does not have a knife blade. This makes the Manicure safe to carry in knife restricted areas. Since there is no knife blade, the cuticle pusher' has a Victorinox tang-stamp.

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Red Cellidor.


  1. Some people have reported an earlier version with the toothpick rather than the removable pen.


The Manicure is discontinued. The actual date of when it was discontinued is not known, but because it was available with a removable pen, we know that it was at least produced after 1993 (when the Signature I was first made), and as it has not been seen with a retractable pen, it was mostly likely discontinued before 1999 (when the Signature II) was first made.

Related Knives

  • Bladeless - another 58mm without an edged blade, but no cuticle pusher.
  • Cavalier - adds small blade and screwdriver/ruler, toothpick replaces pen.
  • Swiss Memory Flight - another no-blade knife.
  • Signature I - another knife with a removable pen.

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