Oddball model without a knife blade. Has a cuticle pusher and a removable ink pen. The Manicure is a fairly uncommon 58mm Victorinox model. It is different from most other Swiss Army Knives in that it does not have a knife blade, this makes it safe to carry in knife restricted areas. As there is no main blade, the cuticle pusher has the Victorinox tang-stamp.


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Red Cellidor.


The Manicure is discontinued. The actual date of when it was discontinued is not known, however because it was available with a removable pen, we know that it was at least produced after 1993, when the Signature I was first made, and as it has not been seen with a retractable pen, it was mostly likely discontinued before 1999, when the Signature II was first made.


An earlier version with a toothpick rather than the removable pen has been reported.

Related Models

  • Bladeless - Another 58mm model without an edged blade, but no cuticle pusher
  • Cavalier - Adds a small blade and screwdriver/ruler; the toothpick replaces the pen
  • Swiss Memory Flight - Another no-blade model
  • Signature I - Another model with a removable pen

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