Wenger Matterhorn. Pictures by Gim. The Wenger Matterhorn has the unusual features of a high-decibel whistle and a caribeener.

Name Disambiguation
An earlier large model was also called the Matterhorn and is listed as the Matterhorn Original in SAKWiki. It also had an even larger version the Matterhorn Plus.


Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard red synthetic Scales


There are two discontinued Wenger knives called the Matterhorn (model number 16927), and the Matterhorn Plus (model number 16996). These knives are large knives with a tool selection similar to the current Tool Chest Plus. These knives feature in the 1991 Wenger Catalog.
The 2005-2006 catalog distributed in Canada lists this knife with a different name - the Urban Survivor with Snap Shackle.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm
  • Width:
  • Weight:


  • 16994 NA - Red synthetic scales

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