A Victorinox Mauser branded 108mm. The Victorinox Mauser is a 108mm Swiss Army Knife that was made for the German market where the Mauser company is a prominent firearms manufacturer. Victorinox licensed the Mauser name, and the knife was sold along side Mauser products. The knife is based on the German Army Issue knife, the GAK, and adds a clip-point blade to the tool selection.
Unusual for a Swiss Army Knife, but common to all the 108mm series, all the tools open in the same direction. The main layer tools pivot at the same end of the knife (top) making them very intuitive and quick to get accustomed to.

This knife is discontinued, and highly collectible.
Mauser with booklet and packaging
Mauser with booklet and packaging

Layer Tools

The saw has a reputation as one of the best saws, although tests conducted by MTo members have questioned this.

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

The Mauser and other 108mm knives do not have any non-blade tools such as the typical toothpick and tweezers.
This is typical of the military knives, but rare for the civilian knives.

Walther Logo


Olive Drab Green Nylon, with Mauser logo.


  1. The Mauser with File/Match-Striker (rev.2 of the saw/opener tool) was also produced, but it seems in significantly lower numbers than the original.
  2. The rare black Nylon scaled Walther, manufactured between 1996 and 1997, is the same as the Mauser except for the unique scales and the exclusion of the etching on the main blade. Only 4972 units are estimated to be produced, and it is the only 108mm knife known to have black Nylon scales.


This model was marketed by Mauser of Germany and came with unique packaging that included booklet identifying the tools in several languages. The knife was based on the original GAK, and was produced between roughly 1984 to 2001. Victorinox estimates production at 1/4 million units.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 108mm
  • Width:
  • Weight:


  • 0.8790.78

Related Knives

  • The GAK - German Army issue knife, No clip-point blade
  • Trooper - No clip-point Blade

Other Victorinox 108mm Models

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