Victorinox Mechanic The Mechanic is a 91mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife that adds the Pliers to the popular Tinker model, and is one of the slimmest models to contain the pliers.


Layer Tools

Variations of  Mechanic Spezial
Variations of Mechanic Spezial

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Scale Tools


Red or two-colored Cellidor, hardwood.


  1. Victorinox model 1.3623 is similar to the Mechanic, but includes a Corkscrew instead of the Phillips screwdriver
  2. The Oath of Rutli is a special collector's knife with tools very similar to the Mechanic and model 1.3623 (see above)
  3. An official Boy Scouts of America version was manufactured with the BSA logo on the top scale


First introduced in the US in 1994.
Discontinued - Probably at least by 2006 as it does not appear in the catalogue for that year.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 18.1mm
  • Weight: 99.4g


  • 1.4623 Victorinox: Red Cellidor
  • 1.4623-033 Victorinox: Two-colored scales (light blue and yellow or light blue and light red) without shield (also known as Mechanic Spezial)
  • 53441 US Model: Red Cellidor
  • 55441 US Model: BSA Version, Red Cellidor

Related Knives

  • Oath of Rutli - Special limited edition with very similar tools
  • Special Mechanic - 1 layer thinner, combo tool replaces small-blade and openers layer
  • Deluxe Tinker - Adds scissors and multipurpose hook
  • Tinker 91mm - No pliers
  • Super Tinker - Replaces pliers with scissors and hook
  • Model 1.3623 - Includes a corkscrew instead of the Phillips screwdriver


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