Victorinox MiniChamp The Victorinox MiniChamp is the largest of the current Victorinox 58mm Swiss Army Knives, yet still suitable for a keychain. It is the little cousin of the 91mm SwissChamp and contains every 'bladed' tool currently available in the 58mm range (2017). Many are unusual and only available on this model. (See 'Tools' below)

The current version is the second configuration of the MiniChamp - (See History and Tools below).

The Midnite MiniChamp model replaces the tweezers with a small white LED light.

The MiniChamp XL is an older less common model adding the small divot tool and the older nailfile to the MiniChamp. The MiniChamp XL is no longer available.

Layer Tools

  • Cap-Lifter / Combo tool - Includes a small Phillips screwdriver and a wire stripper/bender
    • Not present in the original version

The MiniChamp XL adds:

Scale Tools

The light is operated by pressing the Victorinox shield, which is a momentary switch in the Midnight version


Usually red Cellidor. Also available in various other Cellidor and Alox colours - See Variations and Identifiers below


  1. The Alox MiniChamp was first manufactured in early 2011 for reseller Swiss Bianco. The knives featured the standard silver Alox scales with a red Victorinox shield. Later silver, red and black Alox scaled MiniChamps became generally available. But currently (2017) only silver is available. The Alox scales do not allow the tweezers and retractable pen tools to be included.
  2. Over the years Swiss Bianco commissioned various colours (red, dark green, blue) and quantities (some limited) of Alox MiniChamps. The Sunset Orange colour (August 2012) had not been used before, however several other models were produced at the same time with this new color. In January 2013 a copper anodized MiniChamp was comissioned, again several other copper Alox models with red Victorinox shields were produced at this time.

History and Models

The current version of the MiniChamp was introduced in 1994 (US availability).
It was preceded by an earlier version that was one layer thinner, omitting the Cap-lifter / Combo tool, and with a toothpick instead of the pen in the scales. The current MiniChamp was originally known as the MiniChamp II and the first version became known as the MiniChamp I. These names have now disappeared.

The MiniChamp XL is even larger than the MiniChamp, adding the small divot tool and the older type of nailfile (with the file cut into the metal). However the XL is still classified as a five layer SAK! - See layer definitions here. Robert Elsener of Victorinox reported (June 2008): "The MiniChamp XL was produced between 1999 and 2002, and sold until 2005."

The Midnite MiniChamp (known as the MiniChamp Lite in some markets) adds a small flashlight to the scales replacing the tweezers.
Prior to 2010 or so its LED light was red after that it was white.
Original Minichamp
The Original MiniChamp
Victorinox MiniChamp XL
MiniChamp XL
MiniChamp XL with original packaging
MiniChamp XL with original packaging

Physical Specifications 

  • Length: 58mm


  • Width: 14.6mm
  • Weight: 44.5g


  • Width: 10.15mm
  • Weight: 39.5g


  • Width: 16.3mm


  • 0.6343: MiniChamp I, Red - Original MiniChamp
  • 0.6385: MiniChamp II, Red
  • 0.6386: Midnite MiniChamp, Red - MiniChamp Lite
  • 0.6385.XL: MiniChamp XL

US Model Numbers:

  • 53971: MiniChamp I, Red - Original MiniChamp
  • 53972: Midnite MiniChamp II, Red
  • 53973: MiniChamp II, Red
  • 53976: Midnite MiniChamp - Red scales, with white LED
  • 53977: Midnite MiniChamp - Translucent ruby scales, with white LED
  • 53979: Midnite MiniChamp - Translucent sapphire scales, with white LED

Related Models

  • Vagabond - Removes the cuticle pusher and the screwdriver/ruler
  • Drifter - Removes the cuticle pusher, cut-and-picker blade, pen and tweezers
  • SwissChamp - The MiniChamp's 91mm cousin!
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