Money Clip Tool

The Money Clip tool is the typical wide spring clip, and it is riveted onto the back of some Alox scaled Victorinox and Wenger Swiss Army knives. The Money Clip can also be used as a carrying clip to attach the knife to a pocket or belt.

The Money Clip is the only pure knife model in the Victorinox lineup with this tool. However, in 2007 Victorinox introduced the Swiss Beat MP3 Player, which also included this same clip. The clip itself is 48mm's long and 13.5mm's wide. Image
The Esquire Money Clip is the only model in the Wenger lineup with this tool. The Wenger clip is 46mm's long and 13mm's wide. Here is the Wenger money clip tool found on the backside of the Wenger Alox Money Clip knife.
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