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The nail-file is standard on almost all 58 and 74mm Victorinox models.
Unlike Wenger, where the nail-file is the regular partner to the main blade on its standard 85mm range, Victorinox usually install a second smaller blade on their standard 91mm range. However a nail-file appears on a few of the 84mm models such as the Cadet and Sportsman. In 2018, the design of this nail-file was changed, replacing the textured surface with a new, crosscut design.
Victorinox also describe the 91mm cross-cut metal-file, that contains a nail-cleaner tip, as being a nail-file.

The nail-file is one of the three most common tools on the 58mm range of SAKS - along with the main blade and scissors. The nail-file is created by a textured finish on one side of the tool, which creates a fine/soft cut. The end of the blade can be a pointed nail-cleaner, or  a straight screwdriver tip. The Classic SD models contain the ScrewDriver-tip.

Early versions of the 58mm nail-file used a standard crosscut file design, and were only available with the cleaner tip.

A special version of the nail-file, that contained an ampoule cutter, was created in promotional variation of the Classic, for pharmaceutical companies.

Earlier versions of the 74mm nail-file, prior to yyyyy, had a different dual-slotted, textured file on one side of the blade and a more standard crosscut file on the opposite side. The crosscut side could be used as a more aggressive nail-file or as a file for light materials. This design is now discontinued.
A large textured file-surface, equivalent to the 58mm version, is currently (2017) used on 74mm models.

74mm Nail File Shapes

See Also: Long nail-file, metal-file
A nail-file is also present in some versions of the multi-purpose hook.


A textured metal nail-file is found on the 65mm Esquire and other similar sized models. The end of the nail-file is a nail cleaner.
An unusual ceramic nail-file is found on the 65mm Lithos models (and some Macao models variations), it is unlikely that this was included in other models.

A nail-file is found on most  Wenger 85mm models. The end of the nail-file is a nail-cleaner, but is reported to also work well with many Phillips head screws.

Wenger 65mm nail-file
Wenger 65mm nail-file
Wenger 65mm ceramic nail-file
Wenger 65mm ceramic nail-file
Wenger 85mm nail-file
Wenger 85mm nail-file
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