Officers Knife 100th Anniversary Special Edition

The Victorinox Officer's and Sports Knives 100th Anniversary special edition The legendary Victorinox Officer's and Sports Knife reached its 100th anniversary on June 12, 1997.

To celebrate this anniversary, a Jubilee Logo was designed, which graphically represented the technical development and evolution of the Officer's Knife over time. A special edition of the SwissChamp and Spartan with this logo were released in June 1997.

This logo adorned the Jubilee Knives as a metal insert. To round off the overall impression, there was a two-tone print on the large blade, with VICTORINOX in a red bar and the lettering: 100 years Swiss Army Knife.

The knives were packed in a special tin boxes, with the Anniversary Logo embossed on the lid and accompanied with a booklet. (Some knives were packed in a tin boxes, with the Victorinox standard logo embossed.)

The knives were numbered (a serial number is under the corkscrew), but not limited in amount. Information from Victorinox indicated that about 52,500 Spartan models were manufactured and sold! (Source: Qd-00669.docx, 'SAMMLER UND SONDEREDITIONEN' by Victorinox AG, Version 13.07.2011, p. 29)
In accordance with the "I Love SAK's" website, 35,980 copies of the SwissChamp model were manufactured.


Discontinued models.

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Victorinox Officer's Knife 100th Anniversary Special Edition models, from left to right: SwissChamp (1.6794.J97) and Spartan (1.3603.J97).
100th Anniversary Special Edition Models: SwissChamp (left), Spartan (right)

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