Not to be confused with the Air Traveler as this model has a blade. Wenger has made some crossover naming of this model with the Air Traveler leading to some confusion. The Wenger OptiTool replaces the nail-file on the basic Esquire model with an eyeglass/micro screwdriver.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Scales Tools


Regular red synthetic scales are standard.


  1. A serrated blade version, was once known as the Serrated Squire.
  2. A Realtree Hardwoods scaled version replaced the knife-blade with a nail-file but was sold as an OptiTool, even though the same configuration with Cellidor scales was named the Air Traveler! The Realtree version features tools with a grey, non-reflective coating.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 65mm


  • 16915: Red synthetic scales
  • 16415: Serrated Squire
  • 16459: Realtree Hardwoods in a blister pack - See variations above

Note: All the above are US model numbers.

Related Models

  • Air Traveler - Replaces the small-blade with a nail-file
  • Esquire - Replaces the micro-screwdriver with a nail-file
  • Swiss Clipper AT - Adds the nail-clippers; replaces the small-blade with a nail-file

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