This 91mm model named the Picnicker features a small pruning blade and a fully serrated main blade.  Neither tool is common, and even less common on a this size of knife with Cellidor scales. The Picnicker is a 91mm Victorinox with 3 tool layers which include a fully serrated main blade, and a small pruning blade; neither of which are very common on a this size of Cellidor scaled knife.

This model was also known as the Campingmesser when it was originally part of the the Elinox line.

Note: There is also a larger 111mm Picnicker model.

Discontinued Model

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 16.4mm
  • Weight: 77.6g


  1. This model was initially a member of the Elinox line and included the Swiss Shield emblem on the top scale. It may not have been named the Picnicker that this time; in Germany it was known as the Campingmesser.
  2. One or more variations of this model included the Camping logo inlay on the top scale.



  • 5050 SABI# US Model: Picnicker
  • 8237 aU Victorinox AN: Elinox Campingmesser; Elinox Swiss Shield and Camping inlay on top scale.

Related Knives 

  • Camper - Very similar toolset to the Picknicker - Except its main blade has a plain-edge , and the standard small pen-blade replaces the small hook/pruner blade.
  • Outdoorsman-Original - Upgrades the Picknicker by adding scissors and a metal file - to give a toolset similar to an older Ranger, but with the Picknicker unique blades.

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