This 91mm model named the Picnicker features a small pruning blade and a fully serrated main blade.  Neither tool is common, and even less common on a this size of knife with Cellidor scales. The Picnicker is a 91mm Victorinox model with three tool layers which include a fully serrated main blade, and a small pruning, or hawkbill blade, neither of which are very common on this size of Cellidor scaled knife.

This model was also known as the Campingmesser when it was originally part of the the Elinox line.

Discontinued model.

Name Disambiguation:
There is also a larger 111mm Picnicker model.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor


  1. This model was initially a member of the Elinox line and included the Swiss Shield emblem on the top scale. It may not have been named the Picnicker that this time. In Germany it was known as the Campingmesser.
  2. One or more variations of this model included the Camping logo inlay on the top scale.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 16.4mm
  • Weight: 77.6g


  • 8237 aU: Elinox Campingmesser; Elinox Swiss shield and Camping inlay on top scale
  • 5050: US SABI Model Number

Related Knives

  • Camper - Very similar, but the main blade has a plain-edge; the standard small pen-blade replaces the small hawkbill/pruner blade
  • Original Outdoorsman - Adds scissors and a metal file - to give a toolset similar to a Ranger, but with the Picknicker unique blades
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