Pioneer Harvester

Victorinox Pioneer Harvester The Victorinox Pioneer Harvester, (a.k.a. Harvester or Swiss Army 7), is a three-layer 93mm model with Alox scales. It is one of the few knives that does not have the standard can-opener tool, yet retains the standard cap-lifter/bottle-opener. The can-opener being replaced by a small hawkbill/pruner blade that has a wide range of utility applications.

Layer Tools


Silver checkered Alox


  1. A red Alox version with silver cross was available at one time.
  2. Early style red Alox versions were available with a keyring (much less common).
  3. A green anodized version was created in a special run of 100 pieces in September 2011. These were sold through on-line channels focusing primarily on the collector. Each of these knives is numbered nnn/100 on the small pruner (hawkbill) blade. The bright green Alox tint is reminiscent of that used for the green Alox Classic-SD, but is not known to have been used on a 93mm knife (advertising premiums and special runs for other markets may have used it). This variation also includes a keyring attachment, which is not typical for this model.
  4. Dark-blue with red shield: Another member in the Red-Shield series, this variation was created as part of a numbered special-run of fifty knives in October 2012.
  5. in June 2013 Victorinox issued a special edition of fifty knives with gray scales, a black shield, and 2013 n/50 engraved on the main blade.


Green Alox Pioneer Harvester
Green Alox Pioneer Harvester

In 2018 Victorinox started selling the knife under the name Swiss Army 7.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 93mm
  • Width: 14mm
  • Weight: 84g


  • 0.8150.26: Silver Alox model with the Victorinox shield (US Model Number: 53953)
  • 0.8150.20: Vintage red Alox with the silver Swiss Cross
  • 0.8151.20: Vintage red Alox with the silver Swiss Cross, includes keyring.

Related Models

  • Farmer - The pruning blade is replaced with the can-opener; adds the keyring
  • Electrician Plus - A small sheepsfoot electrician's blade replaces the pruning blade
  • First Mate - A marlin spike replaces the reamer
  • Electrician Duo Plus - Adds a small electrician's blade; removes the reamer
  • Pioneer Rancher - No wood saw
  • Pioneer - No wood saw; the can-opener replaces the pruning blade; adds the keyring

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