Pocket Pal 58mm

Rare 58mm Red Alox Pocket Pal The 58mm Pocket Pal is an older Victorinox knife that is fairly rare, with a single layer design and Alox handles it is extremely slim.
This model is essentially an Alox scaled version of the Cellidor Princess. The 58mm Pocket Pal should not be confused with the larger, more common, 84mm Pocket Pal model that is still in production.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools


The Pocket Pal has Alox scales, and is only available in red.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 4.38mm (no keyring version), 4.18mm (Vintage Victoria, no keyring)
  • Weight: 11.175g (no keyring version), 10.79g (Vintage Victoria, no keyring)


The same knife was available without the keyring, but it is is not known if it had a different model name. There is a Victoria version with a very different (presumably earlier) nail file/cleaner tool.


The 58mm Pocket Pal is believe to have been produced for a limited time in the 1960s. A first release and discontinued year is not known.

This knife was manufactured at one time with the Victoria/Crossbow tang stamp in a no keyring version and having a very different Nail File with Cleaner Tip tool.

Related Knives

  • Princess - Same tools, but with Cellidor scales.
  • Escort - Same tools, but SD tip on file and with Cellidor scales.
  • Companion - adds a scissors.

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