Pocket Pal 84mm

Standard red cellidor Pocket Pal The Pocket Pal is a common Victorinox knife. The simple twin bladed design makes it a favorite of people looking for a slim, light weight knife. While technically being an 84mm knife, the Pocket Pal does not conform to the standard shape of most Victorinox 84mm SAKs. It is thinner with more rounded ends. This is not the only Victorinox knife with the Pocket Pal name. A Pocket Pal 58mm was made during the 60s.

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Red Cellidor scales. Currently it is available in the standard red Cellidor but at one time there was also black, blue, white, green and gray. Additionally, a blue version is sold with both the Victorinox logo and a Cub Scout logo on the front scale.


  1. The cross and shield has been applied as the standard metal inlay, hot stamped, as well as color and non-color screen printed.
  2. Serrated Pocket Pal — At one point Victorinox produced a small number of Pocket Pals with a serrated main blade. These are extremely rare.
  3. The Cub Scout version features Blue Cellidor scales and a Cub Scout Emblem, early versions feature a metal inlay, later versions used a printed emblem on the top scale.
  4. Red Alox Pocket Pal — At one time there was a smooth red Alox Scaled scaled model (0.6900.10); a silver version is now called the Secretary.



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  • Secretary - smooth Alox scales
  • Excelsior - adds keyring; there is an additional model with Silver Ribbed Alox scales
  • Popular - Red Ribbed Alox scales, and adds a keyring
  • Sentry - same shape and design, but the Sentry has only the large blade.

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