Pocket Tool Chest

Wenger_Pocket_Toolchest The Wenger Pocket Tool Chest is a three-layer model and features the greatest number of tools in Wenger's 65mm line, but is still suitable for a keychain. It contains the Wenger exclusive, layer-stored micro screwdriver, and awl/reamer that are not found on many other Wenger Swiss Army Knives.

The Pocket Tool Chest is also available with Evolution scales as the Evo 88, or with a micro-light in the scales.

Discontinued Models.

Layer Tools

Evolution 88
Evolution 88

Scale Tools


Regular synthetic scales in red or black; Evolution and EvoGrip scales in red; MicroLight scales in various colors - eg. fire-red, glacier blue and others; also brushed stainless steel.


  • The Microlight is a version with a torch/flashlight in the scales
  • Regular 'classic' scales as the Pocket Tool Chest
  • Evolution scales as the Evo 88
  • Evolution Grip scales as the EvoGrip 88

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 65mm

Regular synthetic scales version:

  • Width: 12mm
  • Weight: 35.8g

Stainless steel scales version:

  • Width: 12mm
  • Weight: 49.4g


  • Red synthetic scales (Top Executive 88)

US Model Numbers:

  • 16958: Red synthetic scales
  • 16158: Black synthetic scales
  • 16658: Stainless steel scales
  • 16686: Porsche design with ergo Ruthenium scales
  • 16909: Red Evolution scales (EVO 88)

Microlight Versions:

  • 16190: Fire-red
  • 16191: Everglade green
  • 16192: Glacier blue
  • 16193: Mandarin orange
  • 16194: Smoke grey

Related Models

  • Esquire - Wenger's 'classic' two-layer keychain knife


  • Attache - The SwissBuck version of this model


  • MiniChamp - Victorinox's largest keychain knife but quite different from the Pocket Tool Chest

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