First Pocket-Clip from Victorinox for 111mm knives.  Introduced in 2009.
Special Black-Oxide Version
Special Black-Oxide Version

The Pocket-Clip was first introduced in 2009 for a select number of 111mm model knives.
The stainless steel clip is integrated into the back scale (front scale has logo).

Pocket-Clip Pocket-Clip Pocket-Clip Pocket-Clip

Prior to 2009, the Money Clip Tool was the only clip available on a single model, and it was not intended as a pocket clip.
As pocket clips became more popular with the advent of the Tactical knife era, it appears Victorinox listened to customer demand.


The Wenger 120mm Removable Pocket/Belt Clip was included on some models in the orginal Ranger series.

The Wenger New Ranger version of the Pocket-Clip was first introduced March 1, 2008, and was added to some of the 120mm lineup of NewRanger knives. It features an easily removable ergonomic design and is mounted on the back side scale.

Pocket/Belt clip mounted on Ranger 110/Serrated Century with Woodsaw (Advantage Timber).
Ranger Pocket/Belt Clip
Ranger Pocket/Belt Clip
New Ranger Clip
New Ranger Clip
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