A Red 84mm Victorinox Popular. The Victorinox Popular is a slim single layer 84mm model that featured checkered Alox handles. This is a an older model, but can often be found used in great, and even near new, condition.
The Secretary model is a more contemporary version.

Discontinued Model.

Layer Tools

Non-Layer Tools


Red Alox ribbed scales with a white cross.


  1. Prior to 1986 the spacer used to affix the keyring was made of brass, after which it was made of nickle-silver (also known as German-Silver).
  2. Red Cross emblem on top scale, rather than white. - See picture above


Produced from approximately 1970-1999, prior to 1980 it had the article number '2070 U r+'.


  • 5056 - SAB Model number according to the 1985 SAB/Victorinox catalog.
  • 0.6901.20 - Victorinox model number starting in 1980.
  • 2070 U r+ - Victorinox model number prior to 1980.

Related Knives

  • Alox Excelsior - No keyring, usually with silver scales.
  • Secretary - Smooth alox scales, no keyring.
  • Pocket Pal- Similar knife, but with Cellidor scales.
  • Sentry - Same shape and design, but only one blade.
  • Bantam - Replaces small blade with combo tool, silver Alox scales in a different shape.
  • Bantam II - Same toolset, but silver Alox scales in a different shape.

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