Victorinox Princess model is a solid scale-no inserts version of the Escort. The Princess is a rare single layer 58mm Victorinox Swiss Army knife. The knife is very thin because the layer is only the width of 1 tool having two tools on opposite sides of the knife. The scales are thinner than normal because they don't contain the typical tweezers and toothpick tools, allowing them to be made solid and extra thin.

Layer Tools

Scale Tools



Solid Cellidor scales, available in Red and a few other colors.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 7.15mm
  • Weight: 15.7g


  1. Model: 620 CP
    Model: 620 CP
    Vintage Princess Model
    Vintage Princess Model
    Vintage model number (620) with exposed rivet construction and older cross-cut nail file, and no keyring. this model had no official name (only a number) at the time it was manufactured.

Dogbone Princess

While not an official name, these old models represent similar tool configurations, in Dogbone scales.

  1. Alox scaled Dogbone model '630'.
  2. Stainless Steel scaled Dogbone model '630 St'.


First introduced around 1980, it is not currently manufactured. What date it was discontinued is currently unknown.


  • 0.6001
  • 0.6101

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