Victorinox Princess model is a solid scale-no inserts version of the Escort. The Princess is a rare, single-layer 58mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife.
However, this tool configuration was probably the first in the Victorinox 58mm family.

The Princess model is very thin, as it is only the width of a single tool layer, having two tools on opposite sides of the knife. In addition, the scales are thinner than normal, because they do not contain the tweezers and toothpick, allowing them to be solid and extra thin.

It was also available with various scale options, such as the 'Dogbone' - See below.

Name Disambiguation: An older version of the Prince was also named the Princess!


Layer Tools

Princess with Stainless Steel Scales and Without the Keyring
Princess with Stainless Steel Scales and Without the Keyring

Scale Tools



Solid Cellidor scales, in red and a few other colors. Also available with other scales types (and shapes!) - See images


This toolset, with Alox handles, was probably the first model in the Victorinox 58mm family and most likely came into being in the early 1940s - See the Pocket Pal page for details. The model named the Princess, with Cellidor scales was probably introduced around 1980.

This model is not currently manufactured (2024), the date it was discontinued is unknown.

The 'Dogbone' Princess

Whilst not an official name, these older models have the same tool configuration, but with the unusual dogbone scales, which are designed to assist with easy blade deployment - ie no fingernail needed. These models preceded the Cellidor Princess and have the older style model number format. They are also no longer manufactured.

Vintage Princess 'Dogbone' Model
Vintage Princess 'Dogbone' Model

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 7.15mm
  • Weight: 15.7g


  • 0.6101: Red Cellidor scales, with a keyring
  • 0.6001: ??

Related Models

  • Pocket Pal - The same toolset but with Alox scales
  • Escort - Same bladed toolset but the nail-file has an SD tip; includes the tweezers and toothpick
  • Physician's Knife - Another single-layer model; but with dual blades
  • Duchess - Another model with 'dog-bone' scales; adding the scissors

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