No white space The Victorinox Rambler is a popular 58mm Swiss Army Knife with enthusiasts and users. It combines the implements of the Classic SD and Rally including both the scissors, and cap-lifter/combo tool with the small Phillips screwdriver.
An Alox Rambler has also been available . The Pharmaceutical Rambler is a somewhat different model. Both are listed on this page in the Variations section.

Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor scales are standard. Other colors available.


  1. The Emergency Rambler has an 'Emergency Blade' instead of the standard pen-blade. This variation is usually found on advertising SAKs, and does not have an official name.
  2. The Pharmaceutical Rambler substitutes the emergency blade for the pen blade and a cut & picker tool for the nailfile. This variation is usually found as an advertising SAK, and does not have an official name. The substituted tools are favorites of the pharmaceutical industry, which was a big user of SAKs for marketing and Premiums.
  3. The Alox Rambers was a 'custom' model first produced in limited quantity in February 2010 for the US dealer Swiss Bianco (SB). They have standard Alox scales without the toothpick or tweezers. The Victorinox emblem on the top scale is in one colour, the same as the scales. These were originally produced in silver, red, orange, and purple.
    • In late 2010 a larger second run was made which included a few silver-scaled models with standard red shields, rather than the single color scales
    • A second larger run of silver Alox scaled Ramblers with the standard red Victorinox shield was completed for SB in 2011. Several other runs have followed
    • Several different Splash anodized versions were produced in 2012
    • Small quantities of Sunset Orange Ramblers were produced in August 2012 for SB. This shade of orange has not been used before. Several other models were produced at the same time with this new color
    • It was produced in a copper color with a red shield in 2013

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 58mm
  • Width: 10.5mm
  • Weight: 30.1g


  • 0.6361 Standard model, red scales (US Model Number: 54031)
  • 0.6361.26: Silver Alox with standard red shield - Swiss Bianco exclusive model as of 2012

Related Models

  • Classic - No combo tool
  • Manager - A ballpoint pen replaces the toothpick
  • Rogue - Very similar: A flat screwdriver tip replaces the Phillips tip on the cap-lifter; nail cleaner tip on the nail-file
  • Rally - No scissors
  • Drifter - Adds the emergency blade, ruler, and nail-cleaner
  • Vagabond - Adds the emergency blade, and the cut & picker blade
  • MiniChamp - Adds several tools
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