Ranger 10

Wenger Ranger 110, or "Serrated Century with Woodsaw" model has Advantage Timber camouflage print scales, and also includes a nice solid removable pocket/belt clip.

The Wenger Ranger 10 is a two-layer model, which was also known as the Century with Woodsaw.
This model contains a large locking main-blade and a wood saw, and unusually, no back-tools or opener-layer.

Discontinued Models.

Main image shows the Ranger 10 Realtree Advantage Timber variation.

Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Gray/black Nylon scales, less common is a red-scaled version.
One side carries the Wenger cross logo, along with the Wenger W icon moulded into the scales. The opposite side has a rectangular window and a sliding red switch that activates the blade lock-release.
Also available in two camouflage versions: Realtree Advantage Timber and Realtree Hardwoods.


Also see Identifiers section below.

  1. Available in a serrated-blade version.
  2. The Advantage Timber version features RealTree printed camo scales, grey anodized tools, a serrated blade and a includes a grey, removable pocket-clip. See main image.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 120mm
  • Width: 16mm - 19.9mm including clip protrusion, if present
  • Weight: 118g


  • 1.77.10: Grey/black scales
  • Green scales

US Model Numbers:

  • 16477: Ranger 110 / Serrated Century with wood saw; black scales
  • 16453: RealTree Advantage Timber version
  • 16454: RealTree Hardwood version - Camouflage scales by RealTree

Related Models

  • Century - A single-layer model removing the wood saw
  • Ranger 54 - A 130mm model with the same toolset; but with custom horn scales

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