Ranger 38-36

Wenger Ranger 38-36 The Wenger Ranger 38-36 model was released in the Spring of 2011.

The Wenger Ranger 38-38 model added a backspring Phillips screwdriver to the 36 model.

They both feature the same blade as found in the 130mm Alinghi 177, with a laser-engraved pattern representing the Alinghi Sailing Race Team logo.

They are quite rare models and are now discontinued.

Wenger Ranger 38-36 liner-lock
Ranger 38-36
Ranger 38-36 and New Ranger 52
Ranger 38-36 and New Ranger 52

Layer Tools

Back-Layer Tools

The 38-38 model adds the:


Grey Nylon 120mm frame and scales.


These models were introduced in 2011 and belong to the Wenger 120mm Ranger series, and have a blade and narrow inline screwdriver from the Alinghi series.
They are very unusual in that they came out several years after the Alinghi series was introduced, and also many years after Wenger had switched from the 120mm to the 130mm series. A theory is that they were probably assembled from spare stock parts left over from the Alinghi Series.

For more details on the Alinghi race, models and series see the Alinghi Series page.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 120mm (nominal size; actual size 129mm)
  • Width: 31mm
  • Weight: 115.9g (Ranger 38-36)


  • The base model
  • The Phillips model

Related Models

  • Alinghi 177 - 130mm; adds pliers, marlinspike/shackle-opener, corkscrew
  • Ranger 11 - Regular model; standard blade; adds corkscrew, exchanges small screwdriver for can-opener

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