RangerGrip 75

The Wenger RangerGrip 75 is one of the newest Wenger 120mm models with ergonomic handles and black rubber grip surface adhered to the scales for better grip. Image


  1. 3.9" Plain Edge Blade with Safety Lock
  2. Needle Nose Pliers with Wire Cutters
  3. Patented Large Locking Screwdriver/Bottle Opener/Wire Stripper
  4. Can Opener
  5. Reamer/Awl
  6. Corkscrew or Phillips® Head Screwdriver

Non-Blade Tools

  1. Keyring


Red Synthetic with Rubber Grip Surface attached to the scales.


  • Wenger Model Number - 16321 - Screwdriver Model
  • Wenger Model Number - ????? - Corkscrew Model


First released for sale in spring of 2009 these newest Ranger series of knives were shown at the SHOT Show a few months earlier.

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