Victorinox Scientist The Scientist is two layer Victorinox model that includes the combo opener tool as well as the magnifying glass, making it the thinnest model to contain the magnifying glass.

This model is highly prized by collectors, even though it is not particularly old, it was not produced in large numbers and is fairly rare.

Discontinued and relatively rare.

Layer Tools

'Swissbianco' Scientist - See Variations
'Swissbianco' Scientist - See Variations

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red 'Plus' Cellidor scales. Also available in black and white.


According to Victorinox, the Scientist was produced between 1986 and 1999*.
The productions dates spanned the time when the corkscrew switched from the fluted to the smooth version (1991). However there was a theory that the Scientists all had fluted corkscrews, however we now know that original Victorinox Scientists exist with both corkscrew types.

The Scientist tool combination is quite popular with collectors, so this model is often created by knife makers and 'modders' by building from parts, or modifying existing models.

* Later editorial note: Re comment in first paragraph regarding rarity - If the Scientist was produced over 13 years one would think that it was not too rare!


  1. Early copies of the Scientist did not contain the pin.
  2. In spring 2009, Victorinox, in partnership with the dealer Swissbianco, produced a small run of Scientists with the new magnifier/Phillips layer, transparent ruby 'Plus' scales, and the mini-screwdriver with the new hexagonal shaped handle.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 15mm
  • Weight: 63.2g


  • 1.6305

Related Models

  • Passenger - Three layers: A small blade replaces the combo-tool, adds regular opener layer
  • Yeoman - Three layers: Adds the scissors and hook
  • Compact - Two layers: The scissors and hook layer replaces the magnifying glass and Phillips screwdriver
  • Explorer - Four layers: A small blade replaces the combo-tool; Adds the scissors and regular opener layer

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