Victorinox Models with the Technician's Screwdriver


The Technician's Screwdriver is a flat-headed screwdriver that fits in a main layer. It is officially known as the Fine Screwdriver, although this name is also used for the more contemporary 91mm back-side screwdriver. Its name is taken from the Swiss Army Knife for which it is the differentiating feature, the 93mm Alox Technician.

This screwdriver only features in a few models (see list right). On the 93mm Alox models it replaces the can-opener, in 91mm Cellidor models it is typically in the position of the small-blade.

The screwdriver has a slender and narrow blade head that is good for working with adjustment screws. Some versions have a half-stop, or catch, at the 90° open position, to enable more torque, or to make it easier to reach a tight location. The 91mm tool is usually more highly polished than on the 93mm models.

On very early models it was a different tool, being longer and residing in its own layer.


In 2007 Wenger introduced a similar but larger 3.5mm straight-edge screwdriver in their Alinghi models. This tool featured the normal Wenger locking system for screwdrivers - The notch and half-circle hole, on the right of the diagram.

The Victorinox 93mm Alox Screwdriver
The Victorinox 93mm Alox Screwdriver
The Wenger 130mm Screwdriver
The Wenger 130mm Screwdriver

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