Inline Phillips 91mm screwdriver versions.
Inline Phillips 91mm screwdriver versions.
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The 91mm in-line Phillips screwdriver (short-inline) is suitable for both Phillips #1 and #2 screws. The inline-Phillips catches (friction lock) in the 90deg position as well as in the fully extended position which can be useful for getting into a tight spot or to allow for more torque to loosen or tighten a screw. The driver locks (friction lock) slightly harder in the fully extended position. Although this is not a true locking tool, the friction lock is hard enough to really help prevent the tool from closing during use.

The 91mm In-Line Phillips is always paired in the same layer with the LED module or Magnifying glass. In 2002 the 91mm version was shortened to allow it to be placed in the same layer as the new LED module, in 2007 this shortened version replaced the longer version completely when it also began to be paired with a new, slightly larger, magnifying glass.

The 111mm short in-line Phillips is a little different; when not deployed it sits under the Pliers in the same layer. The Pliers must be partially deployed before the phillips can be deployed. It has a unique catch on the tang to help with deployment. This version does not catch when deployed at 90degrees.

There is a long version of the In-line Phillips screwdriver (long-inline) available on some 111mm models. This version of the Phillips driver is a #00 & #0, and is unusual in that it rests beneath the scissors in the same layer when closed. The scissors must be partially deployed before the phillips can be deployed. It has a unique catch on the tang to help with deployment.

See also: The Back-Side Phillips is the most common version of the Phillips screwdriver (not including the multipurpose Can-Opener).

See also: The Can Opener has a Slotted Driver that is also designed to be used with Phillips drive screws.

See also: The 58mm Cap Lifter is available with a small #00/#0 magnetic phillips.

See also: The Bit Driver is the most recent Phillips screwdriver that can use several hex-drive Phillips, Pozidrive, and other bits.


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