Victorinox Seaman 93mm Alox knife. **photo by: sticktodrum (mto). The Victorinox Seaman is a single layer 93mm red Alox Swiss Army knife intended for marine use.

The Seaman only has a single tool layer, with a marlin spike distinguishing it among many similar models. This is a relatively rare model that is highly desired by collectors.


Layer Tools


Red Alox scales, with the cross emblem instead of the current Victorinox logo.


  1. The 2011 Blue Seaman is a light 'Aqua' blue scaled version that was produced in a special short run of only 50 knives in March 2011. Each of the knifes are numbered at the base of the main-blade with a serial number from the run (n/50). This knife is a member of a special Blue Marlinspike Series.


Model 0.8030.20 was produced between 1986-1995. Before 1980 it had the model number 2203.


  • 2203 Victorinox: Vintage model number before 1980, Red Alox
  • 0.8030.20 Victorinox: Red Alox

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