Sentry Victorinox

Victorinox Sentry - Cellidor The Victorinox Sentry is slim 84mm model with only a single blade.
Earlier versions are listed in some catalogs as the Junior.
More recently (2020?) this model has been known as the Excelsior One Blade.

Layer Tools

customized version of black cellidor
customized version of black cellidor


Standard Cellidor scales. Also available in red Nylon scales


  1. Elinox checkered Alox scaled models:
    These models did not have offcial names and were identified with model numbers: 2071 s (silver Alox); 2071 r+ (red Alox); 2071 g (gold Alox).
  2. Scales with BSA (Boy Scouts of America) logo print.
  3. Different scales, including several South Africa related prints.


  • 0.6910: Standard red Cellidor scales
  • 2.6910: Red nylon scales

  • 55871: Boy Scout Version (US Model Number)

Related Models

  • Solo - 108mm single blade model
  • Solo Alox - 93mm Alox single blade model

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