Snap Shackle - Small

an older discontinued Wenger Snap Shackle The Snap Shackle is a Wenger model with a layer mounted carabiner clip or snap shackle, for attaching to a loop.
This knife was later listed in European catalogs with the name Classic 67.


Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Standard red synthetic


  • 16950 Wenger N.A.: US standard model
  • 1.67.02 Wenger AN: European standard model
  • Wenger AN: Later model listed as the Classic 67

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  • Snap Shackle - Large - Has the same carabiner clip, adds many more tools
  • Matterhorn - Has the same carabiner clip, adding a whistle
  • Zermatt - Has the same carabiner clip, adding a wood saw
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