Student Victorinox

Victorinox Student. Picture by ColoSwiss. The Student is a slim 75mm Victorinox model featuring just two blades.
The frame size is 75mm, so should not be confused with the more recent 74mm models which are of a different design.

Discontinued model.

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  • Ribbed silver Alox
  • Smooth red Alox
  • Red Cellidor, with bail
  • Red Cellidor, without bail
  • Imitation tortoiseshell, with and without bail
  • Imitation mother-of-pearl, with bail
  • Stainless-steel guilloche, various patterns
  • Gold basketweave, with bail
  • Possibly others

It is not known if all versions use the same name.


Victorinox has been producing small pocket knives for students, in various sizes, with one or two blades and a variety of handles, since the earliest days. These models can be seen in the 1903, 1943, 1946 catalogues in the Wiki catalogues page as the studentenmesser, pocket knives for pupils, schulermessser, canifs pur ecoliers.
These  Student models are later incarnations of those earlier pocket-knives.

Various student scale variations
Various student scale variations


  • 0.67 00.10: Smooth red Alox
  • 50 U CT : Imitation tortoiseshell with bail (Victorinox 1970 catalogue)

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  • Beginner – 75mm; large blade; red ribbed alox scales
  • Secretary - 84mm; numerous scale variations
  • Pocket Pal - 84mm; numerous scale variations
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