SwissChamp XAVT

SwissChamp XAVT 2017 The SwissChamp XAVT is the largest Swiss Army Knife made by Victorinox.

It offers 80 functions in a standard 91mm knife, including all the tools of the SwissChamp and the SwissChamp XLT, plus other tools. It has a massive 15 layers, is 64.6mm in width, and consists of 118 individual pieces. A skilled craftsman assembles each knife by hand, performing more than 500 different operations to complete the assembly of a single knife.

The knife has interesting composite scales. The top scale contains all the electronic tools of the Traveller, the bottom scale is the latest electronic scales revision, containing all four scale tools on one side.

Victorinox have stated that this model is targeted mainly at collectors.

Layer Tools

Original XAVT
Original XAVT

Base SwissChamp Model Toolset

+ XLT additional tools

+ XAVT additional tools

* Note: The original XAVT replaced the wrench with a:

Back-Layer Tools

Traveller Digital Electronic Tools - Also on the XAVT
Traveller Digital Electronic Tools - Also on the XAVT

Scale Tools

For instructions on using the digital functions - See the Traveller page.


Semi transparent composite material, exact make-up unknown. They do not appear to be Cellidor or nylon, however the texture is more like nylon.


Introduced in 2006 replacing the XXLT.
The XAVT was revised in 2017 following the merging of the Victorinox and Wenger product lines with the Wenger Universal Wrench replacing the second magnifying glass. This was probably the first time a Wenger tool featured in a Victorinox model. It is not known if the tool was modified to fit the XAVT.
In 2021 this model was withdrawn and replaced by the XXL, which is the same model, but with regular scales.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 64.6mm
  • Weight: 351g


  • 1.6795.XAVT (US Model Number: 53509)

Related Models

  • SwissChamp - The base SwissChamp model. Thinner, removing several tools and layers (seven) from the XAVT and still ending up with eight layers!
  • SwissChamp XLT - Another smaller SwissChamp descendant, removes four layers from the XAVT
  • SwissChamp XXLT - Another very large SwissChamp descendant, slightly wider and heavier, loses the wrench (or mag glass) and the flashlight, gains the lighter


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