Victorinox SwissTool (3.0323/53905) The Victorinox SwissTool was the famous Swiss Knife manufacturer's first foray into the folding plier-based multitool market and was brought out in 1997.

It has since set the standard for quality of design and manufacturing.

The SwissTool employs outside-opening blades, allowing quick access without first opening the pliers. This arrangement also makes for a more comfortable feel in the hand when using the pliers due to the smoother edges of the handles.
SwissTool with Pouch and Flashlight
SwissTool with Pouch and Flashlight

Handle Tools

The SwissTool has a total of eleven 'blades' or tools, many of which are multi-function.
All tools lock open securely, the lock release is accomplished by means of sliding knurled tabs, accessible by either hand.
Each of the tools is tensioned with its own individual back-spring, a set of precision steel fingers that also prevents unwanted blade clumping.
All Swisstool tools are outside-opening - ie They fold out when the handles are closed.


These tools are common to all  Swisstool models:

Outer Tools:
These are the full length tools against the handles of the multitool.

  • Regular drop-point plain-edged blade
  • Wood saw

An additional  two outer tools are added by each model (-see Models section below).

Inner Tools:
These are the shorter tools between the outer tools

  • Phillips screwdriver (1/2)
  • Awl/reamer/punch
  • Small long flat screwdriver (2mm)
  • Can opener/3mm screwdriver (Flat/Phillips)
  • Cap lifter/5mm screwdriver/Wire bender notch
  • Large screwdriver (7mm)/crate opener
  • Chisel/scraper/wire strippers

The location of a tool in the handles, in a particular model, and over time, varies - eg. see pictures on this page. However the set of tools in a specific model is always the same.

The Pliers

The basis for the SwissTool is a set of needle-nose pliers. The plier jaws have fine serrations out near the tips, coarse serrations in the center, and wire cutters in near the pivot.


The models below add the outer  tools indicated to the standard tools listed above.
The names Swisstool I, II and III   have also been used at sometime by Victorinox.


SwissTool (Original - 3.0323)

  • Metal File/Metal saw
  • Sheepsfoot serrated/wavy blade

This is the model pictured in the top panel, but with its original drop-point  serrated blade
- The sheepsfoot blade was introduced in 2013? (tbc)

SwissTool X (3.0327)

  • Metal File/Metal saw
  • Scissors

'X'  in Victorinox naming conventions normally indicates scissors.

SwissTool RS (3.0326)

  • Serrated seat-belt cutter safety blade
  • Scissors

This model was targeted at first response personnel.
It is understood that the 'R' in the tool name stands for 'Rescue'  and the 'S' for 'Security'  - 'S ' could equally be 'Serrated', or 'Seatbelt ' , or also 'Scissors' !!

This model appears to be withdrawn (2017)

Swisstool BS (3.0323.3CN)

This model has the same toolset as the Original Model.

  • Metal File/Metal saw
  • Sheepsfoot serrated/wavy blade

It features Victorinox's blackened, burnished steel, which has a deep lustre and, according to Victorinox, provides for better protection against corrosion. It also features an ordnance 'cap crimper' in the pliers.

Plus Package Models/Tools

The SwissTool has been available with various combinations of the following stand-alone tools: a corkscrew; a jeweler's (micro) screwdriver; a set of six 1/4" hex bits in a plastic holder (red, but black bit holders are known to exist as well); and either, an L-shaped wrench, or, a small ratchet.
The bits supplied in the Plus holder are: Phillips 0, Phillips 3, Torx 10, Torx 15, Hex 3, Hex 4
The corkscrew attaches to the Swisstool by means of a small contoured hole in the plier bracket.

Initially these additional tools were available via the following model numbers:

  • Swisstool CS – included the CorkScrew and a small eyeglass screwdriver
  • Swisstool CS Plus - included the CorkScrew , small eyeglass screwdriver, the bits and the wrench
  • Swisstool CS Plus Ratchet - included the CorkScrew , small eyeglass screwdriver, the bits and the ratchet

.... which caused some confusion - As users thought that these were different models of the Swisstool itself, whereas in actuality, they just represented the stand-alone tools being added to an existing model.

So this convention was changed, and the current Plus packages are now known using the nomenclature below - both are upgrades to the Swisstool X.

  • Swisstool X Plus (3.0338.L)  – Includes the bit-wrench, bits and holder, corkscrew, and eyeglass screwdriver
  • Swisstool X Plus Ratchet (3.0339.L)  – Includes the small ratchet wrench with an extension bar, bits and holder, corkscrew, and eyeglass screwdriver


SwissTool handles are highly polished stainless steel. One side has a metric scale up to 23mm, the other side has an inch scale up to 9 inches. The Victorinox logo and the full word are stamped onto one side, while a red Victorinox SwissTool banner is screen printed on the other.


In 2022 a pocket clip became available for the Swisstool individually as 3.0340.B1 (silver coloured version) and 3.0340.3B1 (BS black oxide version).


Victorinox took over the American multitool manufacturer Bear MCG to acquire patents and expertise in the plier based multitool market and products. After a couple of years of R&D the SwissTool was announced in 1997. It was not fully into production and generally available until a year later.

Always with an eye towards improvement, Victorinox strengthened the plier jaws and changed the pivot from right-hand to left-hand in 2002. Also changed was the hole in the plier bracket, which was contoured into a receptacle for the removable corkscrew at about the same time.

Apart from the plier head changes, the Swisstool has had almost no changes since it was originally introduced.

SwissTool Plier Head Evolution
SwissTool Plier Head Evolution


  1. The Black Oxide SwissTool has the same tools as the original model with a black finish on all surfaces, including pliers, handles, and blades. (It is not clear if this model is the same as the BS model.) There has been some debate as to whether Victorinox do use a 'black oxide' finish, as it is very different, for instance, from a Leatherman black oxide finish. It is has a deep lustre and smoother surface - and is possibly some type of annodisation.
  2. In 2008, a special version of the SwissTool was produced for the French military. Victorinox took the twin bladed black oxidized SwissTool (3.0323.3) and modified the nose of the pliers with a blasting cap crimper like the one on the military version of the SwissTool Spirit (3.0224.3CCH). This revamped version of the SwissTool is for the new French infantry fighting system, FELIN (Fantassin a Equipements et Liaisons Integres (Integrated Infantryman Equipment and Communications system). See Victorinox blogs 25 Aug 2008 and 10 Sep 2010.
  3. The BSA (Boy Scouts of America) branded model is available in the US.
  4. There is a NATO Swisstool (black oxide standard model) that was issued in Australia which is always stamped with the military equipment up arrow and identification serial number 5110-25-147-5018 Also see image below
  5. The Mercedes-Benz Company have a branded version of the Swisstool X with Mercedes-Benz printed on the handles. It is supplied with a customised leather sheath sporting the Mercedes logo.
  6. A BMW variation is also available.


Australian Nato SwissTool
Australian Nato SwissTool
  • 3.0323: SwissTool (53905)
  • 3.0326: SwissTool RS (53935)
  • 3.0327: SwissTool X (53936)
  • 3.0323.3CN: Swisstool BS
  • 3.0338.L: SwissTool X with Plus package: Wrench, bits, corkscrew, mini screwdriver (53924)
  • 3.0339.L: SwissTool X with Plus Ratchet package: Ratchet, bits, corkscrew, mini screwdriver

US Model Numbers: (also in brackets above)

  • 53946: SwissTool CS Plus Package with wrench
  • 53954: SwissTool - Black-oxide coated
  • 54905: SwissTool - BSA branded

Related Models

  • SwissTool Spirit - Lighter weight tools with a different ergonomic design
  • AutoTool - Automotive focused tool selection

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