Early Alox model that has a ' Technician's Screwdriver' in place of the regular Can-opener tool. The Victorinox Technician is a less common two-layer 93mm Alox scaled knife that is very similar to the Pioneer and the Electrician.
The Technician is one of the very few models that has a small narrow screwdriver known as the Technician's screwdriver, and one of the few that does not include the standard can-opener tool.


Layer Tools


Silver chequered Alox scales with a plain silver cross (same as the vintage Electrician models).


This model is shown in a 1970s catalogue page. Some samples with blades dated 98 have been known, indicating this model was still being produced, probably until at least the year 1999 or 2000. However, it is fairly rare and difficult to acquire.


  1. This model was produced with an Elinox, as well as a Victorinox, tang-stamp. Early versions have brass liners.
  2. An official Swiss Railway version: The silver Alox scales feature the plain cross and have SBB-CFF stamped in a panel on the top scale.
  3. Samples with blades dated 98 have been found (these versions would be using overstock of Soldier blades).
  4. A red Alox scaled model with advertising on top scale for BRUTSCH RUEGGER. This company appears to have comissioned every 93mm Swiss Cross Alox model produced and branded them with their name.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 93mm
  • Width: 11.7mm
  • Weight: 68.6g


  • 2210: The old style model number (1970s?)
  • 0.8100.27: Silver Alox with the silver cross

Related Models

  • Electrician - Replaces the fine screwdriver with an electrician's blade; vintage model has the same scales
  • Pioneer Rancher - Replaces the fine screwdriver with a pruning blade; slightly different scales, (modern version)
  • Pioneer - Replaces the fine screwdriver with the can-opener; adds the keyring; slightly different scales
  • Soldier 1961 - Replaces the fine screwdriver with the can-opener; regular Soldier scales with the Swiss Shield
  • Technician Plus - Adds the woodsaw (unofficial name; Model 0.8110.27)

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