Tinker 84mm

Victorinox Tinker Small The Tinker Small is the 84mm version of its big-brother the 91mm Tinker and provides the same toolset. It is closely related to the historical Spartan, and has been available since the early 1950s.

Layer Tools

2010 Special Edition with Logoed Scales
2010 Special Edition with Logoed Scales

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor is standard, other colors available.


  1. The Star of David version was produced in some markets. Older ones will have can-key in the Phillips driver
  2. A no-keyring and no toothpick & tweezers edition was produced
  3. A version for the Japanese market (Tinker for Kids) has the rounded tipped blade from the My First Victorinox models


A standard red Cellidor Tinker Small is included in the Dutch Army survival kit; Survival Kit, Uitgebreid, included in an aluminum case along with a fishing kit, AAA flashlight, compass, rope, fire steel, whistle, matches, copper wire, candle, twenty water purifying tablets, condom, four safety pins, small bandage, small gauze, scalpel blade, two sachet ORS, needle, three zip-ties, mirror, rubber band (used to hold tin together), and printed guide. The kit is issued to special forces like the Dutch Korps Commando Troepen and has its own own NSN: 8465-17-124-7315. This example dates from 2015.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: 14mm
  • Weight: 53g


  • 0.4603: Red Cellidor (US Model Number - 53133 )
  • 0.4600.nn: Star of David version: Blue scales, no toothpick, no tweezers, and no keyring
  • 0.4603.JU: 1984 centennial
  • 0.4603.3LTD: Black with gold Victorinox logo pattern (aka 'Black Revival') scales. Introduced in 2010

Related Models

  • Tourist - Has a corkscrew instead of the Phillips driver
  • Salesman - Adds scissors
  • Tinker - The larger 91mm version
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