Wenger Traveler The Wenger Traveler is an 85mm model with three tool layers. It is a popular model, that adds scissors to the basic Swiss Army Knife tools.

The Wenger Adventurer and the Security/Sécurité 14 are very similar models, but have a locking blade. The Adventurer typically features black scales.

The Wenger EVO 14 is a later version, which is described separately in the Wiki.

Discontinued model.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red or black synthetic scales are standard. Luxury models with stainless steel, or other materials, have also been made.


  1. Some versions have the textured nailfile facing the blade, others have it facing away.
  2. Locking blade versions are known as the Adventurer and Security 14.
  3. The Serrated Traveler features a partially (60/40) serrated blade, and either red synthetic (#16432) or brushed stainless steel (#16632) scales.
  4. The Metal 50 model features faceted solid stainless-steel scales, and no keyring or keychain.
  5. In 2000 the Wenger Swiss Millennium model was released, based on the Metal 50 model and featured a stylised engraved '2000' logo and the Swiss cross; all knives were numbered.
  6. Model 16632 featured brushed stainless steel scales with a red Wenger logo, and included the small chain on the keyring (Wdth: 15mm; Wt: 93g).
  7. The Tactile 811 version (also referred to as a Soft-Touch model) has a thin neoprene non-slip coating on the scales that varies in colour from pale blue to grey, and a clip-point style blade.
  8. The EVO 14 is a later model with the Wenger Evolution (Evo) ergonomically contoured scales.
  9. The Porsche Design version had ergonomic silver/grey ruthenium (like) scales.
  10. The Porsche Design Edition 1 was a matte black version with ergonomic PVD coated ruthenium (like) scales. It was a limited edition of 1000 units.
  11. The Gawain was a special black metal-handled, with crest, model from the Dynasty Series. No toothpick or tweezers.
  12. The Galahad is another model from the Dynasty Series, featuring a locking blade and black metal handles with crest. No toothpick or tweezers.
  13. A red Alox handled version with the same heraldic crest that featured on the Gawain was produced.
  14. A blue Alox handled version with the same heraldic crest (red background) that appeared on the Gawain was also produced.
  15. The Wood 03 features wooden scales and brass screw fasteners. This model did not include the keyring/keychain, toothpick or tweezers. This was a special limited edition and a member of the Wood Collection, that was a collaboration between Wenger and EKA of Sweden.
  16. The Europe Series blue Traveler (circa 1993) had a twelve-star Euro logo, included the small keychain.
  17. The Europe Series blue Alox Traveler had a twelve-star Euro logo and no keyring.
  18. The Left-handed version with tools assembled in the reverse order.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 85mm
  • Width: 17mm
  • Weight: 74g


  • 1.14.03: Traveler with standard red scales
  • Traveler with standard black scales
  • 1.14.53: Standard red scales with locking blade
  • 1.14.59: Standard red scales with locking blade - listed as Security 14
  • 1.14.09: Standard red scales - listed as the Classic 14
  • 1.14.103: Left-handed with keyring and chain
  • Standard red scales listed as a Classic 14 (new model number format)
  • Standard black scales listed as the Classic 14
  • Wenger Tactile 811
  • 1.534.00: Wenger Swiss Millennium
  • 1.92.14: Europe Series - blue scales
  • 1.92.16: Europe Series - blue Alox scales
  • 1.92.50X: Stainless steel scales

US Model Numbers:

  • 16932: Red scales
  • 16132: Black scales
  • 16239: Swiss Sportsman, locking main blade and flat Phillips screwdriver
  • 16432: Serrated Traveler (60/40), red synthetic scales
  • 16632: Serrated Traveler, brushed stainless steel scales
  • 16836: Black scales; Adventurer model with locking blade
  • 16679: Porsche design version with ergo ruthenium scales
  • 16998: Porsche design, ergo ruthenium scales with matte-black finish

Related Models

  • EVO 14 - Same tools but with EVO style scales
  • Swiss Sportsman - Replaces the nail-file with a flat Phillips screwdriver
  • Teton - Replaces the nail-file with a small-blade. May also replace the corkscrew with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Classic 16 - Replaces the corkscrew with a Phillips screwdriver
  • Spot Light with Scissors - Adds a flashlight
  • Commander - Removes scissors



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