First introduced in 1902, the tweezers have a long history with Victorinox Swiss Army Knives, and are still a defining characteristic today. The tweezers are inserted into a scale (handle) of the knife and, whilst not completely concealed, are very inconspicuous.

The same tweezers are used in the 111mm, 91mm and 84mm models. They have an angled grey head, making them only fit properly into the scale on one side of the knife. The tweezers in the 58mm models, are almost the same length, but have a symmetrical head and will fit into the scale on either side. The '58mm' tweezers are also used in the 74mm models and the SwissCard.

According to Urs Wyss from Victorinox, the tweezers were introduced in 1902 with a nickel-silver head, in 1957 it was switched to aluminium, and in 1978 the grey plastic head we see today was introduced.

In 2021, Victorinox introduced tweezers (both 58mm and 91mm versions) in four new colors: red, green, blue and black.

The 91mm Short and Regular Tweezers
The 91mm Short and Regular Tweezers
Garant Tweezers
Garant Tweezers

Several models in the Classic SD Limited Edition Annual Series are equipped with dark red tweezers.

The Fieldmaster Mexico (from 2020) featured yellow tipped tweezers.

The Short Tweezers
The short tweezers were introduced in 2001, shortly after the second generation electronic-tool scales for 91mm Traveller model became available. These tweezers are only 36mm in length and are fitted in a new angled slot in the bottom scale, that also has slots for the toothpick, removable pen and straight-pin. With all the regular scale tools in just one scale, the top scale is freed up for the electronic tools such as the alarm clock and altimeter.

Tweezers with Scale
Special tweezers with an orange head and a ruler in mm were produced for the custom 111mm Nomad and Centurion models, that were manufactured exclusively for the German tool manufacturer Garant. Later, these tweezers were also included with the limited edition Black Ice models (Spartan and Trailmaster).

Tweezers in their slot
Tweezers in their slot
91mm Tweezers - top - 58mm Tweezers - bottom
91mm Tweezers - top - 58mm Tweezers - bottom


The tweezers for Wenger knives are also stored in the scales of the knives, their small head, which points to the inside of the knife, makes them less visible than their Victorinox equivalents.
The tweezers for 65mm and 85mm sized Wenger knives are almost identical, with the 65mm versions also fitting 75mm models. The difference between the two versions, like their Victorinox counterparts is the shape of the tweezer-head. The 85mm version is angled to follow the contour of the scales, making them fit properly into only one side. The 65mm version has a straight head and fits into either scale.

Fine Tweezers
A popular tweezer modification is to sharpen the tip to either to a centre point, or edge point, like manicure tweezers. The 85mm Minathor models come from the factory with fine tweezers that are sharpened to a very fine tip at one edge. These are the only models known to contain these tweezers.
Comparison shot of the two Wenger tweezer variations. 
The one with the angular head fits the larger 85mm models, whilst the smaller one fits any of the smaller models.
Original image by Stressmaster5000 - This one rotated and cropped
Wenger 85mm Fine Tweezers next to Regular Tweezers
Wenger 85mm Fine Tweezers next to Regular Tweezers

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