USB Flash Drive

This tool is a solid-state flash memory device with a USB computer connector used for transferring and carrying computer files.
When the unit is connected to a computer it looks like an additional disc drive has been added, files are opened, copied, and deleted from the device as if it was a regular disc storage device. The device is USB 2.0, and upwards (depending on the generation) compatible.
Originally this tool was only available on the SwissMemory series of models, but a new series, the Victorinox Flash, were released in 2008, which introduced the second generation of the tool. The memory sizes have increased over the years.
The drive is removable from the Swiss Army Knife simply by snapping it in or out. The flash drives retain the same physical housing between the slim/non-slim versions, so they can be interchanged between the different models. This is very convenient if you own multiple models, as it allows you to switch the flash drive from a model with blades into a Flight  version for travel, for example.
In 2010 Victorinox Introduced a flash storage device known as the Secure that offers data encryption and biometric authentication, using an integrated fingerprint scanner. External software is required to utilize all the features of this advanced device.
In 2011 Victorinox introduced the Slim Flash device that is ½ the width of the previous devices, offers greater storage capacities, and is packaged with password based data encryption software.
The current (2020) models containing the flash drives are the ......@Work family.
USB Flash Drive - Swissbit Version
Swissbit - 1st Gen

Original (Swissbit) Version

The original version of the flash drive was manufactured by Swissbit. It is compatible with SecureLock software that provides password protection to secure the contents of the device. A small green LED in the housing of the device is on when it is connected to the computer and idle. The light briefly turns off when the device is being accessed. It also turns off when the device can be safely removed from the USB port.

Available Sizes: (Original Swissbit version)

  • 64 Megabytes
  • 128 Megabytes
  • 256 Megabytes
  • 512 Megabytes
  • 1 Gigabyte
  • 2 Gigabytes
Computer Compatibility: Windows® 98SE / ME / 2000 / XP, Mac OS.X / Mac OS 8.6 and higher, Linux kernel 2.4x and higher

Boot Support: Legacy Bios (USB-ZIP, USB-FDD, or USB-HDD)

R/W Performance: Read max. 8 MB/sec | Write max. 7 MB/sec
USB Flash Drive - Swiss Flash Series
USB Flash Drive - Swiss Flash Series

Second Generation

The second generation of the tool was introduced in 2008. Starting with increased memory sizes, it also has a new write-protect switch to prevent accidental altering of the contents. The drive also offers faster USB 2.0 read/write speeds. A small red/green LED inside the drive housing normally glows red when the device is connected to the computer and USB power is enabled. However, when the drive is switched to write-protected mode, the LED glows green. The light blinks off/on during read/write operations.

The manufacturer of this device is not known, but it no longer carries the Swissbit logo and is no longer compatible with SecureLock software.

Available Sizes:

  • 1 Gigabyte
  • 2 Gigabytes
  • 4 Gigabytes
  • 8 Gigabytes
  • 16 Gigabytes

Computer Compatibility: Windows® 98SE /ME/ 2000 / XP / Vista / Mac OS.X / Mac OS 8.6 and higher, Linux kernel 2.4x and higher

Boot Support: Legacy Bios and Ready Boost (Windows Vista)

R/W Performance: Hi-Speed (USB2) Read max. 30 MB/sec | Write max. 23 MB/sec
Slim Flash vs. Swissbit
Slim Flash vs. Swissbit

Third Generation

The third generation Secure models (see images at bottom of page) added data encryption and biometric identification using an integrated fingerprint reader to the flash dive. However, software version problems were experienced with this model and it was withdrawn not long after release - See the Secure Wiki page for details.

Fourth Generation

The fourth generation was the Slim-Flash introduced in 2011. High speed USB 2.0 data transfer speeds. The 2012 Generation 4+ supports high speed USB 3.0 data transfer speeds. The Slim-Flash generation did not directly replace the previous Secure models, but is rather a separate product line.

The new memory devices appear to be made (or packaged) by MKI USA, a US private company, located in New York and California.

This device debuted on the Slim Flash model, and in 2012 was also included on some models in the Jetsetter Series.

USB Flash Drive - Swiss Flash Series
USB Flash Drive - Swiss Flash Series

Current models

Current (2020) models containing the flash drives are the ......@Work family.
It is not known if these devices are a new generation of technology and flash drives.
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Secure Images

The Secure flash drives included biometric identification using a fingerprint reader

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