VSAKCS - Anniversary Knife Series

22 VSAKCS SAKs collected by Chinese collector jimylee. These models are issued annually by the officially recognized Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Collector's Society (VSAKCS). The society was more active historically*, however it still issues its annual knife and typically an annual newsletter - The Swiss Blade.
More details on VSAKCS below.

A different model is chosen each year, or sometimes, in more recent years, custom models have been created. They are only available in limited quantities, so are prized by many SAK collectors. This external site lists images of some of the earlier VSAKCS models.

Note: The VSACKS series should not be confused with the SOSAK Annual Knife Series which was another series of annually released knives issued by a different group.

* For current, active discussions regarding Swiss Army Knives visit the Swiss Army Knights board at MultiTool.org

Models in the Series

Images follow below including a complete family shot - Full VSAKCS gallery here.

  • 2000 - Red scaled Compact, in a tin presentation box
  • 2001 - Blue scaled 84mm Tinker, without a box
  • 2002 - Black scaled Yeoman, in a tin presentation box
  • 2003 - Green scaled Fieldmaster, in a tin presentation box
  • 2004* - Silver ALOX 1961 Soldier, in a tin presentation box
  • 2005 - Bronze ALOX Farmer, in a tin presentation box. NB. Featuring the 'Soldier '  not the regular Victorinox shield
  • 2006 - Red scaled 'Astronaut' (Grand Prix), in a tin presentation box
  • 2007 - USA flag scaled Super Tinker, in a tin presentation box
  • 2008 - Blue Alox Electrician, in a tin presentation box
  • 2009 - 10th Anniversary - Wooden scaled Compact, (no ballpoint-pen or straight-pin), in a tin presentation box
  • 2010 - SilverTech scaled Huntsman, with blade etching, in a tin presentation box
  • 2011 - Workman: A custom 91mm model based on the Waiter but replacing the corkscrew with a Phillips screwdriver
  • 2012 - Doctor's Knife: A custom 91mm model featuring a small and big knife blade, spatula, saw and back layered Phillips screwdriver
  • 2013 - Explorer: A standard 91mm Explorer with an inlay in honour of Carl Elsener Sr., Leader of Victorinox AG, with his birth and death years
  • 2014 - Pioneer 2223: A rare 93mm model with red scales
  • 2015 - Evolution Wood 10: An 85mm model from the Delémont collection (ex-Wenger)
  • 2016 - Special Pioneer X: An exclusive 93mm model, based on Pioneer X, but without the opener layer
  • 2017 - Special 'Spartan': An exclusive 91mm model, based on the Spartan, with an additional layer including the inline Phillips screwdriver and the Delémont wrench
  • 2018 - Mechanic: A 91mm Mechanic (regular model is withdrawn) - featuring navy camouflage scales
  • 2019 - 20th Anniversary - Wooden scaled Cybertool S (29). The keyring and corkscrew are gold-plated and the model is supplied with a white-handled mini-screwdriver. (Note: The white mini-screwdriver was first seen in the 2018 Christmas Series Sportsman).
  • 2020 - A Farmer X variation in black - With a pruning blade in place of the regular can-opener - a Harvester X, or a Swiss Army 8?

* 2004 Model Muddle !
There were two versions of the VSAKCS 2004 Soldier.
The original shipment, bearing the 04 Soldier date tang stamp and the regular Victorinox shield, somehow became lost in transit. The re-issue of the knife came with the Soldier shield and a date stamp of 05. The original shipment was found many months later, and ended up in a Victorinox warehouse sale at their Shelton distribution centre in Connecticut! Note: Both versions contained the regular VSAKCS 'Jahr 2004' blade etching.


2000 - Compact

Picture by ColoSwiss.
2002 - Yeoman

Picture by ColoSwiss.

2003 - Fieldmaster

Picture by ColoSwiss.
2005 - Farmer

Image courtesy of Julius T. Verd from Facebook

2006 - 'Astronaut'

This is the Victorinox Swiss Army Knives Collectors Society(VSAKCS) 2006 special club knife issued. It is a special model called an "Astronaut" and has an inlaid metal Space Shuttle on the front scale and an engraving plate with the VSAKCS engraved into it. This model is not to be confused with the older 1980's "Space Shuttle" or "Astronaut" knives as they are completely different models and were normal Victorinox releases while this knife is a special order for a club.
2008 - Electrician

Picture by ColoSwiss.

2009 - Compact

The VSAKCS 2009 annual club knife, with the wooden scales this knife does not contain the ballpoint-pen or straight-pin.
2010 - Huntsman

Victorinox Huntsman VSAKCS 2010 knife of the year. Picture by victor7000.
2011 - Workman

Victorinox Workman VSAKCS 2011 knife of the year. Picture by jazzbass.

2012 – Doctor’s Knife

Victorinox Doctor's Knife VSAKCS 2012 knife of the year. Picture by jazzbass.
2013 - Explorer

VSAKCS 2013 Explorer for Carl Elsener. Picture by ColoSwiss.

2016 – Special Pioneer X

VSAKCS 2016 - Special Pioneer X
2017 – Special 'Spartan'

VSAKCS 2017 - Special Spartan

2018 - Mechanic

With navy camouflage scales 
Image courtesy of Cristian Antipa from 'Swiss Army Knife Collectors' on FB
2020 - Harvester X

.. or Farmer X with pruning blade or Swiss Army 8 ? ! 
Image courtesy of Ashley Heslop from Facebook

Twenty Years of VSAKCS

VSAKCS Contact Details

  • President: Douglas Dillman - Former Victorinox VP of Sales
  • Treasurer: Jason Dillman - Also sales coordination
  • Email: vsakcs.usa@gmail.com - Please only use this address for all correspondence
  • Some information/posts are also made on Facebook from time to time

To join the club please send your name, email and mailing addresses to the email address above.
Annual club knives are strictly limited to one per member per address, unless otherwise indicated.
The club aims to release an electronic general information newsletter at least once a year. Hard-copy may be available on request.
The club welcomes newsletter contributions and pictures from club members on anything Victorinox related.
Note: The club officials are associated with the Casco Bay Cutlery company in Freeport, Maine, USA

The former president, now retired, was Dan Jacquart, who was well known in the Swiss Army Knife community and who has written books and articles.
During his time a quarterly hard-copy newsletter 'The Victorinox Blade' was issued.

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