Victorinox 100th Anniversary Jubilee Series

The Victorinox 1884-1984 Commemorative set In 1984 Victorinox celebrated their 100th Year with the release of a Jubilee Series.

To celebrate this anniversary, a jubilee logo was designed. A special edition of the Classic, Tourist, Small Tinker and Champion with this logo was released in 1984.

This logo adorned the jubilee knife as a metal insert. It consists of the lettering '1984 - 1994 VICTORINOX' surrounded images representing the blacksmith, the eagle with mountains on the background and the Swiss Army Knife.

The knives were packed in a special gift boxes.

Also the book "Das Messer und seine Geschichte" ("The Knife and its History") was published in three languages: German, English and French.



Victorinox 1884-1984 Set
Victorinox 1884-1984 Set
Victorinox 1884-1984 Set reverse
Victorinox 1884-1984 Set reverse
The Knife and its History
The Knife and its History

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