Victorinox 125th Anniversary Jubilee Series

In 2009 Victorinox celebrated their 125th Year with the release of a Jubilee Series.

  • A special jubilee anniversary logo: 125 YEARS YOUR COMPANION FOR LIFE , is etched into the primary blade on each knife.
  • The Victorinox cross and shield emblem is printed in gold on the red handles in a special pattern.
  • The knives are packaged in a 125th Anniversary box, and include a red cloth drawstring pouch for the knife.
  • The Cybertool has a serial number stamped on the liner behind the corkscrew.
  • The SwissCard is packaged with a real leather Weekend Wallet  that just holds a couple cards and includes a mirror.

1891 Soldier's Knife - Jubilee Limited Edition Cybertool 34 Jubilee Edition

The showpiece of the series is an original replica of the first Swiss Soldier Knife delivered to the Swiss Army in 1891. The Jubilee Soldier 1890 Knife, known as the 125th Anniversary Heritage Swiss Army Knife, was produced as a limited edition of four collections each of 1884 pieces.
The different collections were destined for different geographical regions, with Collection IV being designated for North America (originally collection III, was designated for North America... but it seems a mix up occurred).
The other collections were distributed as follows:
Collection I - Switzerland; Collection II - Europe; Collection III - Other Regions.

Knives in this series

Other special series items

  • Travel Alarm 1884 - Limited Edition (US Model: 241395) - A special timepiece inspired by the design of the Swiss Army Knife.
  • Carving Knife, 5.2000.22J09 - a kitchen knife with rosewood handle.

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Smoky Mountain Knife Works Exclusives

The SMKW company sold a number of exclusive 125th Anniversary knives, that had regular scales, but included the Jubilee Anniversary Logo etched on the main blade. In 2011, and 2012 some other dealers started selling the remaining stock of these knives.

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