Victorinox 74mm

Victorinox Executive 74mm with Black cellidor scales The Victorinox 74mm series is not that well known today, but has a long history.
It consists of larger versions of some of the popular 58mm series of knives, and also uses the clever design patented by Carl Elsener in 1952, which features the double sided tool configuration and 'floating' springs.
Some models have unique tools, available only in this series.

There are also luxury models that hark back to the earlier days of the gentleman's knife, in the 74mm frame size, and also some that use a 75mm frame with 'regular'  backsprings.

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Double Sided Models

A 74mm gold plated Victorinox Ambassador with satin finish and no key-ring (0.6500.80).
Satin Gold Ambassador

75mm Models

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Victorinox Models

Delémont Collection

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Wenger Models

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