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Victorinox Cadets in New 2007 Colors The Victorinox 84mm ('Small Officer') knives were once much more common, and there were several models from which to choose. Today the choices and variety is much more limited. The biggest limitation (and disappointment to many Victorinox fans) is the unavailability of the scissors tool in any models since 2008. Consequently only single and two layer models are now available. However the models with more layers are still much sought after and popular with collectors and users.
Of the current range the Cadet remains a very popular everyday pocket knife, as do the Bantam and Sportsman models.

An asterix (*) in the list below indicates if the knife is currently available (2018).


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Pocket Pal
Pocket Pal

Two frame and scale shapes are available for the 84mm Victorinoxes

Narrower, more pointed frames

These are all similar, slim, single layer, blade only models, never with back-tools.
- See top photo opposite

Wider, rounded frames

These are the 84mm framed knives that are the scaled down versions of the more common 91mm Swiss Army Knives.
- See bottom photo opposite

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