Victorinox Cadet 5 Colors Series

The Victorinox Cadets from the 2012 5 Colors Series do not include the keyring which some people prefer for pocket carry. **Photo by Victor7000 (MTO) The Victorinox Cadet Five Colour Series was introduced in March 2012 initially to select European countries and later to forty countries worldwide, including Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, UAE, UK and the US.

They were sold in special packaging which included a tan coloured knife pouch.

Model Numbers

  • 0.2600.L1221: Red
  • 0.2600.L1222: Blue
  • 0.2600.L1223: Black
  • 0.2600.L1226: Silver, grey shield
  • 0.2600.L1229: Orange

These Cadet models do not include the keyring, as is typical for this model. This was the first time Victorinox produced the Alox Cadet without a keyring in a regular product release.

The silver anodised model features the newer silver shield with grey outline.
The blue anodised model is an uncommon shade for the Cadet that has not been manufactured before, except in small quantities. It is similar to that used on some 93mm models.
The orange anodising is also uncommon outside of the US, where it was used in 2011 for a dealer special run of regular Cadets (estimated production less than 500).
Apparently there was a manufacturing error with the orange version - See the regular Cadet page (Variations section) for more details.


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