Victorinox Companion 91 mm

Victorinox Live to Explore Collection - Companion 91mm New York Style, 1.3909.E223. An advertising image. The Victorinox Companion is a three-layer 91mm Swiss Army Knife. It based on the Climber model, but has a Box-Opener tool instead of a Can-opener tool and a Nail file anstead of Small blade.

Name disambiguation:
This model should not be confused with the 74mm Companion and the 58mm Companion models which have the same name.

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The Companion is available with wooden (Swiss Spirit Special Edition model, without scale tools) or fancy colored Cellidor scales (Live to Explore Collection).


The Companion model was introduced in February 2023 as a Swiss Spirit Special Edition 2023 model.
Later in October 2023 3 more models were released as a part of Live to Explore Collection.


  1. Companion Wood Swiss Spirit 2023 Special Edition 1.3901.63L23 with walnut wood sales and without scale tools.
  2. Three models with fancy colored Cellidor scales as a part of the Live to Explore Collection, 2023.

Physical Specifications

Victorinox Companion Wood Swiss Spirit 2023 Special Edition 1.3901.63L23
Victorinox Companion Wood Swiss Spirit 2023 Special Edition 1.3901.63L23
  • Length: 91mm
  • Width: 17mm - Walnut wood scales model
  • Width: 18mm - Cellidor scales models
  • Weight: 80g - Walnut wood scales model
  • Weight: 82g - Cellidor scales models


  • 1.3901.63L23: Swiss Spirit 2023 Special Edition
  • Live to Explore Collection: - 1.3909.E22x:
    • 1: - Paris / 2: - Sydney / 3: - New York

Related Models

  • Climber - Small blade instead of nail file, can-opener instead of box-opener

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