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Picture by jazzbass. The Engineer is two-layer Victorinox model that includes the Technician's Screwdriver tool as well as the magnifying glass. It is related to the Scientist and differs from it in replacing the combo tool with the fine technician's screwdriver. This was a 'custom' model not produced in large numbers and is fairly rare.


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Altivar 5 - See History
Altivar 5 - See History

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Blue Plus model Cellidor scales with a Telemehanique inlay.


Engineer is a collectors name for this model as it's unknown if an official name was ever assigned.

The Engineer was a special run made in the late 1980s for a French industrial control company called Telemecanique for users of the Altivar 5, a motor speed controller typically used in industrial automation settings (assembly lines, etc).

If you look inside an Altivar 5, you can see why the technician screwdriver is the perfect tool to give out with it. There is a row of grey screw-type wire connectors on the left of the upper PCB and across the bottom of the lower PCB for wiring the motor up, and the screws are recessed into the connectors. Also, there are 6 adjustment potentiometers on the upper board and 12 dip switches.

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  • Scientist - The combo tool replaces the technicians screwdriver
  • Passenger - A small blade replaces the technicians screwdriver; adds regular can-opener/screwdriver, cap-lifter/screwdriver, and reamer
  • Yeoman - The combo tool replaces the technicians screwdriver; adds scissors and hook
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