Victorinox Evoke

The Victorinox Evoke Model The Victorinox Evoke family was developed based on the Hunter Pro model.

It features large, folding, single-blade only models, all with a removable thumb-stud.
The blade uses a lock-back locking mechanism.
It is designed for hunting or other tasks requiring simply a large knife blade.

The Evoke achieved a Red Dot Winner 2023 award for its design.


The Evoke's Removable Thumb-stud
The Evoke's Removable Thumb-stud

All models have the following features:

  • Large blade - Clip-point or drop-point, lock-back blade, with a removable thumb-stud
  • Spring integrated lanyard loop
  • Removable pocket carry-clip
  • Supplied in a gift box

Some models are supplied with a colour-matched lanyard
The Evoke is a blade only model with no scale tools or back tools

History and Variations

The Evoke was introduced in April 2023 and included eight variations with options for:

  • Blade type
  • Blade colour/coating
  • Scale type and colour
  • Lanyard

See table below:

Model Identifier Blade Type Blade Coating Handles Handle Colour Lanyard
0.9415.D20 Drop-point - Ribbed Alox Red Red
0.9415.D26 Drop-point - Ribbed Alox Silver Grey
0.9415.D221 Drop-point - Ribbed Alox Red/Blue Blue
0.9415.D630 Drop-point - Wood Walnut -
BS - 0.9415.DS23 Drop-point Black Ribbed Alox Black -
BS - 0.9415.DS249 Drop-point Black Ribbed Alox Beige -
BSH - 0.9425.DS24 Clip-point Black Ribbed Alox Olive-green -
BSH - 0.9425.DS222 Clip-point Black Ribbed Alox Navy Camouflage -

Special Editions

A brown-scaled Alox Evoke (0.9415.L24) was one of the models in the 2024 Annual Alox Model Set, replacing the Hunter Pro from the previous year.

The Evoke box
The Evoke box

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 136mm - including the lanyard loop
  • Width: 18mm - Alox scales; 20mm - Wooden scales
  • Weight: 190g - Alox scales, with paracord lanyard; 180g - BS&BSH Alox scales; 150g - Wooden scales

Related Models

  • Hunter Pro - A similar model with a one-handed, or two-handed opening blade; no thumb-stud
  • Hunter XS - A two-layer model for hunters featuring a one-handed main blade and a gutting blade
  • Hunter XT - Adds a wood saw to the Hunter XS
  • Dual Pro - Other models featuring the one-handed gutting blade



The Evoke
The Evoke line
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