Victorinox FASS 90


Victorinox FASS 90 (unofficial name) with sight adjustment tools for SIG 550 and STG 90 rifles. The FASS 90 is a 3 layer Victorinox model that adds a unique sight adjustment tool layer to the Spartan model. This knife is relatively thick; there are 3 aluminum liners on each side of the middle layer. The FASS 90 replaced the previous version made by Wenger, which was unofficially called Wenger STGW 90.

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Black cellidor. The front scale has several markings that indicate how to use the sight adjustment tool.



This model was introduced in 2015 when it replaced the Wenger STGW 90.


Related Knives

  • Wenger STGW 90 - older version made by Wenger. Similar tools and scales (official name unknown).
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