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Image courtesy of LeaF The German Hoffmann Company commissioned Victorinox to produced two custom 111mm models called the Garant.
'Garant' is the Hoffman Group's premium tool brand.
These models have a standard main tool set, but unique scales and scale tools. See details below.

Layer Tools

The two Garants
The two Garants
Garant/Hoffman Classic
Garant/Hoffman Classic

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

The following scale tool configurations are unusual and unique to the Garant:

  • Tweezers - with ruler graduations
  • Removable pen
    The pen and tweezers are tipped in orange - the Hoffman Group corporate colour
  • The scales have a pin slot (as per the 91mm scales) - although a pin was not provided


The unusual scales are slate grey or blue, with a unique design featuring Garant branding and no Victorinox shield!


There are two variations of this model

  1. The Centurion/Phillips based model with grey scales
  2. The Nomad/corkscrew based model with blue scales


The Centurion based model was the initial incarnation followed by the Nomad version.
The tool is only available to purchase via the Hoffman Group.
Hoffman also produced a Classic with translucent orange scales - See image.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm
  • Width: 15.2
  • Weight: 106g


  • 0.8355.2R: Garant Nomad version

Related Knives 

  • Centurion - The regular two-layer Phillips model
  • Nomad - The regular two-layer corkscrew model

Victorinox 111mm liner-lock model comparison

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