Victorinox Grand Prix Small

Resized file of the original Grand Prix small knife The Small Grand Prix is an 84mm Victorinox knife with four tool layers and the same tool selection as the larger 91mm Grand Prix model.
It is mostly known as a version that was commissioned by British Petroleum, although blank scale variants exist and at least one other advertiser variant has been reported.
The name is unofficial and it was most likely known by its old style model number only; - 135kma.

Layer Tools

The 'reverse' side with the BP logo
The 'reverse' side with the BP logo

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools

Scales / Variations 

  1. Green Cellidor with the Victorinox shield on the front scale, BP metal inlay shield on the back scale.
  2. 'Bever Buitensport', a Dutch sporting goods store, also had their name and logo on this model imprinted, though the number of both these versions in existence is unknown.
  3. Examples exist with completely blank scales in the same green hue as the other variants. These are most likely blank advertising knives from leftover stocks.


Exact year of release unknown, but no later than the late 1980s
The 'Bever' knives were sold through their online store somewhere around 2015-2016. It is currently unknown if Bever found old stock in their warehouse or if they purchased old stock from Victorinox.

The Bever Zwerfsport scale
The Bever Zwerfsport scale

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm
  • Width: 19.5mm
  • Weight: 88g


  • 135kma

Related Models

  • Grand Prix - The 91mm version
  • Artisan - A wood saw replaces the metal saw
  • Huntsman - small - A wood saw replaces the metal saw; a corkscrew replaces the Philips driver
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