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Image courtesy of Marc Calabria from Facebook The Victorinox Hunter Pro is a very different style of knife for Victorinox. It is not a traditional Swiss Army Knife, but a large folding knife designed for hunting or other tasks requiring simply a large knife blade.

It is the first Victorinox model to feature a lock-back locking mechanism, and uses a new profile for a heavy gauge blade with a new steel composition.

Since the launch of the first model in 2013 a number of different variations and options have been made available - See History for details and image right.

In 2023 Victorinox released the Evoke family based on the Hunter Pro frame with Alox scales, adding a one-handed-opening thumb-stud to the blade.

Layer Tools

The Original Model
The Original Model
Hunter Pro (closed)
Hunter Pro (closed)
Hunter Pro (open)
Hunter Pro (open)
Black and Orange scale variations
Black and Orange scale variations
Close-up of the Scales
Close-up of the Scales
2020 Damascus Hunter Pro
2020 Damascus Hunter Pro
  • Large blade - Lock-back blade lock, satin finish, one-handed and non-one-handed variations

The Hunter Pro is a blade only model with no scale or back tools.


Black and orange polyamide synthetic handles, wood and Alox.
The Alox models have scales similar in texture to the Pioneer range and introduced a pocket clip on the reverse side.

History and Variations

The Hunter Pro was shown at trade shows in early 2013, and was first made available for sale in April 2013. Since first availability the models of the Hunter Pro have evolved as described below. The original four versions were all one-handed opening. Two-handed opening models were released in 2019.

  • April 2013 – Release of the initial Hunter Pro with black handles
  • September 2014 – Hunter Pro with orange handles
  • September 2015 - Hunter Pro Wood with Swiss walnut handles
  • September 2018Silver Alox Hunter Pro M - One-handed blade
  • January 2019Red Alox Hunter Pro - Two-handed opening blade
  • January 2019 - Hunter Pro Wood - Swiss walnut handles, two-handed opening blade, lanyard hole
  • January 2019 - The first three versions of Hunter Pros (see Identifiers below) were retired and replaced with their equivalent Hunter Pro M versions, adding the spring integrated lanyard loop
  • 2020 - A Hunter Pro was released as the Damascus Limited Edition for that year (see below).
  • 2021 - The Hunter Pro was added to the Annual Alox Limited Editions family
  • 2023 - The Evoke family was released and the wooden and Alox Hunter Pros were retired

Note: Release dates for different markets may have been later than initial release dates

The Alox models introduced the spring integrated lanyard loop and an integrated smart pocket clip. They were also supplied with a paracord lanyard in a colour that matches the scales.
The lanyard loop was incorporated into all models - ie also the wooden and plastic handled models.
The non-Alox models are provided with an imitation leather sheath.
Naming and numbering changed for the later models with an M being added for models with a one-handed blade.

The Damascus Limited Edition for 2020 - was a Hunter Pro with a unique pyramidal patterned Damasteel blade and unusual copper brown Alox scales, embossed with a silver-hued Victorinox logo. Production was limited to 6,000 pieces and the rear panel is engraved with 2020 xxxx 6000 - Where 'xxxx' is the individual serial number. Note: This model has no lanyard loop or cord, also no pocket clip (as is standard with the regular Alox Hunter Pros).

Physical Specifications

  • Length: Original Models: 130mm; Second generation 136mm (including the lanyard loop)
  • Width: 16mm - Polyamide/Alox scales; 20mm - Wooden scales
  • Weight: 162g - Polyamide scales; 186 - Alox Scales

Construction: Steel liners and brass pins, peened with standard Victorinox style bushings, 4mm end-pins, 3mm centre-pin, hollow synthetic handles.


Current (2024) models - 136mm - All featuring a spring integrated lanyard hole

  • 0.9411.M3: One hand opening blade; Black handles; sheath
  • 0.9411.M9: One hand opening blade; Orange handles; sheath

Original models - 130mm – All featuring a one-handed opening blade - Now retired

  • 0.9410.3: Black handles
  • 0.9410.9: Orange handles
  • 0.9410.63: Wooden walnut handles

Model numbers: 0.9410.3US2 and 0.9410.9US3 may have been used in the US market

Withdrawn models - 136mm - Replaced by the Evoke

  • 0.9415.M26: One hand opening blade; Silver ribbed Alox handles; Smart clip; Silver lanyard
  • 0.9415.20: Two hand opening blade; Red ribbed Alox handles; Smart clip; Red lanyard
  • 0.9411.63: Two hand opening blade; Wooden walnut handles; sheath
  • 0.9411.M63: One hand opening blade; Wooden walnut handles; sheath

Special Editions

  • 0.9410.J20: The 2020 Damascus Limited Edition - Note no lanyard loop
  • 0.9415.Lxx: Annual Alox Limited Edition - xx = Year eg. 21 = 2021

Related Models

  • Evoke - A similar model with removable thumb stud
  • Hunter XS - A two-layer model for hunters featuring a one-handed main blade and gutting blade
  • Hunter XT - Adds a wood saw to the Hunter XS
  • Dual Pro - Other models featuring the one-handed gutting blade


Variations and Evolution Poster

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