Victorinox Hunter XT

2012 Victorinox Hunter XT with corkscrew (rather than Phillips) and orange/black dual-density scales.  Model: 0.8341.MC9. Victorinox marketing image. The Victorinox Hunter XT Grip is a three layer knife with a corkscrew, first introduced in 2012. It is quite unique for a Swiss Army Knife, featuring both plain and serrated edged locking knife blades, and unusually no  standard opener layer.

An earlier version of this knife was also available with green and black scales and a Phillips screwdriver on the backspring. This knife, somewhat confusingly was also known as the Hunter XT!

This variation/model is now retired, except for the JägerTool XT (see Variations)
Phillips version
Phillips version

Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

An earlier, now retired, version of this model featured a Phillips Screwdriver on the back spring

Scale Tools

None; knives with dual-density scales don't include the typical toothpick and tweezers.
Tweezers and toothpick are included in the JägerTool XT.


The current model was released with orange and black dual-density scales, which were introduced on this model and the Hunter XS. The scales are injection moulded with Polyamide 6 and TPE-U for the softer (orange) material.
The Hunter XT is supplied with a short orange and black lanyard.

The earlier Phillips version had the green and black dual-density scales also found on the Soldier 2008

The JägerTool XT comes with StayGlow scales (like the RescueTool) with JägerTool XT printed in large, friendly letters and has a red lanyard.


  • Available in corkscrew and Phillips versions
  • The JägerTool XT is the same model but with StayGlow scales, T&T and a red lanyard. Special order for the Swiss Hunter (schweizerjaeger.ch)


The Phillips green and black scaled version was introduced in October 2011 and was initially packaged with a nylon pouch (4.0548.3).
This model is now retired.

The corkscrew version was introduced in October 2012 with orange and black dual-density scales.
Victorinox in Canada initially referred to this model as the Hiker XT, to avoid confusion with the Phillips model, although one would have thought it would have been named the Camper XT, to align with 91mm terminology!

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 111mm

Corkscrew version:

  • Width: 20 mm
  • Weight: 150g

Original Phillips version:

  • Width: 19,1 mm
  • Weight: 151g


  • 0.8341.MC9: Corkscrew and orange/black dual density scales
  • 0.8441.MC4US1: Phillips and green/black dual density scales (US Model Number - 54527)
  • 0.8441.MC4US2: Appears to be Phillips version with green/black scales - Suffix could be packaging or 'with Nylon sheath' option (US Model Number - 545278)
  • 0.8441.MC9US2: Orange/black dual density scales

Related Models

  • Hunter XS - Removes woodsaw
  • Dual Pro - Removes wood saw, adds standard openers layer
  • OH Fireman - Adds standard openers layer, reamer, toothpick and tweezers; Replaces OH emergency blade with an older style blade
  • Parachute Knife - Single layer with same serrated emergency blade only and Phillips on the back
  • Hunter Pro - A large, single bladed, uniquely framed model designed for hunters

Victorinox 111mm Linerlock Model Comparison


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