Victorinox Huntsman 84mm

Picture by GigaHz The Victorinox Small Huntsman (Huntsman - Small)  is an 84mm model with four tool layers and a long history. However, currently (2022) the Huntsman is only produced in the larger 91mm size, and is one of the most popular Victorinox models.


Layer Tools

Back Layer Tools

Scale Tools


Red Cellidor


  1. Older vintage versions were available with and without toothpick and tweezers, and with or without a shackle.
  2. An older vintage variation was also available with a long-nailfile (narrow file) on the back.

Physical Specifications

  • Length: 84mm


  • 236k: Available with or without the toothpick, tweezers, shackle
  • 246k: With the long-file on the back; available with or without the toothpick, tweezers, shackle

These model numbers are older Elsener/Victoria models in the original model number format

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